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How to use kinemaster

What is Kinemster App?

Kinemster app is a video editing app made for mobile, it is a very popular app, this app is used to edit the best videos in mobile, with the help of this app computer-like editing can be done. Maybe, this app is available on both play store and app store, the only difference is that people who run android, they share it from somewhere so that they can use all its features, that too without Purchased it, but those who have Apple Yuni ios, they have to purchase it to use all its features.

This app is the first choice of YouTubers, all the YouTubers who edit their videos in mobile, use this app more and more, that is why this app is more popular, as well as it was also used by tik tokers some time ago. The app was liked because Tik Tok had also become very famous in India and it was the only platform with videos, due to which editing of good videos was the first requirement, that is why this app became necessary for Tik Tokers as well.

How to use Kinemster App?

It is very easy to use Kinemster App, if we learn to run it properly, then we will be able to edit the video very well in it.

Let us first know some of the main features of this app.

1.Simple interface

The Kinemster app is very easy to use, in this we can edit the video in any way, if a user is new, even if he does not know how to run this app even a little, he can make some good videos in it. We could make videos with the first three ratios i.e. 1:1 and 16:9 and 9:16, but now something new has been updated in it, due to which we can make videos in different sizes, such as . For Facebook, for Instagram as well as for many other places where we upload videos, we can make videos for them, due to which this app is now being used by more and more people. in all devices

Kinemster app supports almost all phones, some old phones which do not support any other video editing app, in mobile also it supports some version of the app, due to which this app is being used more, now So a lot of its features have been added, all the new mobile phones are coming that work on Android 10 or Android 11, in the same way, 2160 P i.e. 4k video can also be made from this app in the mobile phone. Maybe, I also use this app to edit my YouTube videos, if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, then you can subscribe to my channel named- Amit Tech Photography.

3.Different Animation

A lot of animation is available in the Kinemster app, as if we are creating a video from a photo or want to apply any effect, then we get different types of animation in this app, which is already installed in this app. If we want, we can add many animations to it, which we can see by doing this app and we can download it online and use it to make our videos very good.

4.getting songs for free

Apart from the Kinemster app, there are many other apps which have video editing, it does not have the facility that we can download the songs in that app itself, for that we have to keep the songs separately in our phone, but if we want, then we can download them online. You can download many songs.

Some drawbacks of Kinemaster app

  • Just like nothing is good, it also has some defects, similarly this app also has some shortcomings which are not there in other apps.
  • When we edit any video in it, after that when we sometimes start saving the video in our gallery, sometimes it takes a lot of time to save the video, which sometimes causes problems.
  • The second drawback of this app is also about its video saving, it takes more time to save the video as compared to other apps, which saves the video soon in other apps.

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