Best Online Movie App For Android And iOS Users In 2022

Friends, welcome to all of you on another bang article on Best apps for Movies post where we are going to talk to you. With the help of some such apps, you can watch any movies web series on your phone.

Friends, if you are also fond of movie sir website like me and you also do your time by watching movies. So today’s article is only and only for you because in this article we will talk about how you can also watch movies and web series on your phone. That too in HD quality on the day of release.

You watch movies of any category, whether it is Hollywood Bollywood South Indian or Punjabi, you can watch all the movies on your phone absolutely free.

Also here you will find South Indian and Hollywood movies in Hindi language. Friends, whenever a new movie is released, we want us to be able to see it first. But we and you do not have enough budget to go to the theater and watch a movie. You, for this, we start searching for such apps where we can get to watch movies absolutely free.

OTT Platform

Friends, there was a time when all movies-webseries were released in theaters. And that movie could be seen by the same people who used to pay for the theater. But with the changing times, movies and webseries are released directly on the OTT platform. The prevalence of OTT was very high in lockdown. Because everyone had time in lockdown but no one could get out of their house in lockdown. So at that time if Cisco was being released on the OTT platform.

But friends, the thing is that you have to take subscriptions even on OTT platforms. However, the charges for subscription to OTT platforms are much lower than the charges for theatre’s movies. Because here not only you get to see films and web series but also sports. But middle class people like us do not have money for subscription either. Or we want to watch movies web series absolutely free through any jugaad.


Friends, before I tell you the name of the movie app, I want to tell you all about some famous OTT platforms.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar is considered to be the best OTT platform in India. Because here you not only get to see movies and web series but here you get to see sports with movies and web series as well. Friends, let me tell that whatever movies are released in India.

You get to see it first on Disney Hotstar. Here you get to see a great collection at a low price. Also, the subscription charges of Disney Hotstar are very less. Its subscription charges are as follows Rs.499 mobile plan, Rs.899 super plan and Rs.1499 premium plan. The validity of all these is 1 year. You will get to see different benefits in all the plans.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a very popular video streaming platform. Let me tell you that Amazon Prime Video was launched in India in 2016. And in a few days it became very famous all over India. Friends, the special thing about Amazon Prime Video is that here you will get to see content in 7 different languages. On Amazon Prime Video, you will get a subscription of Rs 1499 YEARLY, Rs 459 for 3 months and Rs 179 per month. In this you will get to see all types of contacts.


Friends, we have placed Netflix at number three. When it comes to OTT and we should not talk about Netflix, this cannot happen. Netflix is ​​included in the top 10 OTT platforms in India because here you get to watch a variety of movies and web series. You will get to see different plans on Netflix where you will get different benefits.

Now friends, we have come to that part of the Best apps for Movies article that all of you were eagerly waiting for. Or say that you had opened this article today for the same reason. Friends, let me tell that today I am going to talk about this app. With the help of this app, you can download as well as watch any contact, that too in HD quality. Here you will get to see all the movie web series on the very next day of release.

Gddar 2 movie

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So friend, thank you sincerely for reading this article Best apps for movies today. That you must have got some benefit from this Best apps for Movies article.

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